one week old button quail

We can fly…and more buttons on the way :)

The feature photo for this post is of the  Pennsylvania button quail  babies . They are about one week old in the photo. You can see the first features to come in are wing feathers so that the babies can escape predators. Between one and two weeks of age is a sort of Popcorn phase where they try to fly up frequently testing their wings. I clothespin a soft material over the top that allows good air flow and 90% of light to pass through. As an added bonus it seems to hold heat in too and the babies seem to like the warmer temperatures when away from the heat lamp.

I ended up with two tuxedo babies which is nice… one normal tuxedo and one cinnamon tuxedo. I won’t know gender for these guys for a few more weeks…

I also have some eggs from California in my incubator that should hatch out next Monday or Tuesday 🙂


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