Poop ball stuck to foot

“Poop Balls” eww… but, yes, we should talk about it…

No matter how clean cages are kept, there will be times when you have a button quail that gets poop stuck to its feet. This eventually results in a “poop ball” that hardens and the button quail cannot get it off on its own.

button quail with poop ball.
Button quail with poop ball on toe. Being held gently prior to soaking the toe to remove the hardened ball

Steps to remedy the situation:

  1. Gently catch the button quail and extend it’s foot or feet between two of your fingers.
  2. Either: soak the foot in warm (NOT HOT) water in a small bowl until the poop can be gently rubbed or scraped off OR run warm water over the foot (BE VERY CAREFUL not to get the quails head WET , only the legs/feet).
  3. Note: be very gentle, it is possible to pull off the button quails toe nail if you are too impatient. This can also happen if the poop has been caked too long so it is important to check your cages and their feet each day to avoid this possibility.
  4. Once the poop comes off if you notice any abrasions or swelling, you can apply a natural/non-toxic ointment to help prevent infection. I like using burts bees res-q (link is to show what the product is but you can often find it in natural health food type stores too).

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