Pair # 1 button quail chicks: 10, mix of cinnamon, cinnamon blue face, blueface, and either slate or some sort of cinnamon/silver blue face combination

Chick Photos from Button Quail Pairs 1-6 :)

My test hatch for pairs 1-6 was a success and babies hatched out from all pairs. I am not including photos from the pair #4 babies because they were fathered by a different male than the one the female is pictured with and paired with now.

These photos should give you an idea of what colors each pair carries. Color mutations are listed as photo captions for the button quail chicks.

These button quail chicks hatched out on 2/12/15 and 2/13/15.

Pair #1: Cinnamon Blue Face Female X Normal (Golden Pearl?) Male:

Pair #2: Red Breasted Female X Golden Pearl Male: 

Pair #3: Single Factor Blue Face Silver (Slate)  Pair. Female is also Golden Pearl:

Pair #5: Cinnamon golden pearl female X Normal Tuxedo Male:

Pair #6: Red Breasted Female X Silver Red Breasted Male:


4 thoughts on “Chick Photos from Button Quail Pairs 1-6 :)”

  1. Wow!! That is incredible! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I was wondering if I could bother you with a simple question? I have a pair of 2 week old Tuxedo Button Quail and was wondering how to tell if they are male or female. Thank you! I enjoy reading your post and seeing your pictures!
    Denise Fish


    1. Hi Denise,
      You will need to wait until they are 3-4 weeks old. Then it should be easy to tell. You see, tuxedo males ALWAYS have some rust or red rump or vent feathers. If you don’t see any of these coming in by 3-4 weeks then you have a female or females 🙂


    1. They can certainly have babies. However, you may not get what you are looking for. If your tuxedo male carries white, you are likely to get white babies. You would not get any tuxedo unless your female carries it and if your male carries white, any tuxedos you get could appear white since white masks most color. For example I crossed 2 cinnamon tuxedos. 3 babies were tuxedo/pied and 1 baby was white and didn’t show any markings even though genetically the bird was also tuxedo. It is best to try and cross tuxedos to any color except white for this reason. Many breeders originally thought they would get more tuxedos if they crossed tuxedos to white (but they didn’t because white masks just about everything) so many tuxedos do carry white. If you want white babies, go ahead and breed them. If you want tuxedo babies, I would suggest repairing the birds with different mates.


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