red breasted slate male...Is this possible?

A Red Breasted Slate Button Quail… Is this Possible?

In one of the Colorado button quail eggs, I got a surprise. All of my slates up to this point have been solid silver gray (males will have a few pink feathers near the vent/underside) or silver gray scalloped if slate pearl.

This male, has pink creeping up his belly, somewhat like a silver red breasted would…but blueface seems to mask colors so I’m not even sure if silver blueface red breasted is possible.

rb-slateM-cin-red-breastedF2 Slate male button quail with cinnamon red breasted female: Is a slate red breasted possible?

How to figure this out? Why cross him with a red breasted hen of course. Blueface can show up in one dose so I can still get slates even though only the male shows blueface. The female is a cinnamon red breasted. The female laid her first egg yesterday and I will be incubating eggs within the next week. Maybe I’ll have an answer to this question in a few weeks 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Red Breasted Slate Button Quail… Is this Possible?”

  1. I want to know more about sexing slate with blue face. Do the males always have different colored vent feathers? And I can see differences as chicks ie single factor/double factor, but lost track of adult ones. Is there a way to tell double factor blue faced slate in adult compared to a single factor? Or only in chick down?


    1. Hi Jodi,

      Blueface males have rust feathers. Slate males have pink vent feathers and it sometimes extends up the side of the tail. I believe double factor birds should be a darker slate color but unless you had both side by side, you would likely not see the difference if you only have one in front of you. Double factor blueface often has a white spot at the throat and may be a little darker as an adult. I did not get a photo of the double factor slates as adults so am not sure how noticeable the color difference is on adults. I only have Pair #3 and pair #19 currently with a slate bird in the pairing.


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