cinnamon tuxedo button quail pair with the female dust bathing

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait… Tuxedo button quail eggs :)

This is perhaps my favorite button quail pair. The female is a bit small because she was ill as a chick and almost died…but she is just really cute. I paired her up with a male from California. And no eggs….

Finally around 3 months old she did start laying…but for some strange reason she could not put a shell on her eggs. They were either completely softshell or partially softshell and I often found them half mushed and pecked at with holes. Laying such eggs almost killed her numerous times over but stopping a button quail from trying to lay eggs is difficult. I tried giving her calicum clay (pascalite) and supplemented her with extra oyster shell… to no avail.  I frequently placed heat packs in her cage when she appeared egg bound and cold and weak.

After about a month of these eggs I wasn’t sure what to do. I was fairly sure she could not successfully form an egg. This is and was my only tuxedo/tuxedo pairing. I did not want to split the pair up, they are unbelievably bonded and the male snuggled up to her to keep her warm every time she was trying to lay an egg…but I had no hope of getting more tuxedos to breed.

I thought maybe if I just temporarily put the male with another female I could at least get some tuxedo carrier eggs. That attempt lasted  15 minutes as the female called for her mate and I could not leave them separated.

However, after doing this something strange happened, the little hen’s next egg was completely NORMAL. She has laid perhaps 8 eggs in a row now with perfect shells. I have no idea what jump started her system into doing what it was supposed to do. Surely 15 minutes away from her mate wasn’t enough? But nothing else has changed. I have 4 of their eggs in my incubator currently and am hoping for a tuxedo baby or two to add to my very limited tuxedo population.

I incubated 4 of these eggs and have 4 beautiful chicks from this pair that hatched out 4/13/15.

Pair #7 chicks: cinnamon tuxedo and white.
Pair #7 chicks: cinnamon tuxedo and white.

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