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Button Quail Hatching Eggs For Sale

Updated 7/17/15

Non-Local Buyers

Please go here to order button quail eggs .

Local Buyers

If you are a Florida local and want to pick up eggs, the cost is $1/egg (minimum 10 eggs to make it worth my time to meet you). Eggs will be randomly selected from my various pairs. If you prefer your eggs to be shipped, please see the Non-Local Buyers link above.



Due to personal time constraints I will be reducing my button quail population by 50-75%. Most of the birds that will be offered are NOT pictured on this website although a few of my breeding pairs may be offered too. Please email for availability or what you are looking for. Single males and pairs only will be available (no extra hens currently).  $10 for most males, Pairs $20-35 depending on rarity and quality. Some of the colors include tuxedo, cinnamon red breasted, golden pearl, red breasted, silver red breasted etc. I have not finished sexing all birds and splitting up all young adults but hope to do that over the next week so there may be colors that are not listed.

  1. The silver red breasted male at the top of the page is currently paired up with a wild colored hen from Louisiana. $25/pair.
  2. Pair 20 on my gallery page (blue face hen and black faced blue breasted male (looked like a red breasted as a baby, very unusual  but beautiful male)  Both birds in this pair are from Louisiana. $35

Please email for additional availability using the form below. Time is a bit scarce to update the website continually at the moment with all available birds and photos.

See Flickr: I try to post photos of available buttons there when time allows. 

Please contact me below for current availability as not all available birds maybe listed.


Please fill out the form below if you have any questions about the birds or eggs currently available or if you are looking for a color/gender not listed. You must be willing to purchase and pickup the birds in Gainesville Florida .


I DO NOT SHIP live quail but am willing to meet in the Gainesville Florida area if you would like to purchase some in person(and possibly Orlando if I happen to be going there…I do every couple of months).

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to check on quail or egg availability OR to be put on a waiting list for button quail hatching eggs or adults . I also occasionally have jumbo coturnix quail  and hatching eggs as well.


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Hobby breeder of the beautiful little button quail in North Central Florida

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