Button Quail Eggs for Sale

Page Last Updated: 5/17/2016

I can ship button quail hatching eggs only within the continental United States.

View hatching and chick care guidelines >>

I can ship 1-3 order max per week so there may be a delay in processing your order if other people have already ordered that week! You are welcome to contact me to find out when your order would be shipped before buying eggs.

Buy Button Quail Eggs

Due to personal time constraints I must stop selling birds or eggs for the time being.

If you cannot find a local source for birds or eggs you can try Garrie Landry as he has nice birds and eggs.


I usually ship on  Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays .
(My post office is the main hub for my city and the eggs do continue to move and don’t sit around over the weekend when shipped on Saturdays).

You may request eggs from certain pairs but I cannot promise you will get them since I do not know which pairs will lay eggs the day before shipping.  If you REALLY want eggs from certain pairs, I can try to collect  eggs up to two days before shipping  (and possibly give you up to two eggs from the pairs you want)  but prefer not to send eggs any older than that since viability  is best for the first 7-10 days and then it declines.

Shipping can take 3-4 days on average so you get the idea as to why my sending fresh eggs to you is important as the eggs would most often be 3-5 days old when you get them.

I always send 2 extra eggs to guard against cracks and breakage. It is VERY VERY rare for even one of my eggs to crack as a pack each individual egg very carefully!

I will put the pair number on each egg upon request so that you have the option of purchasing eggs from different pairs at a later date if desired (and if available). Eggs produced from young male/female groups that have not been paired up yet, will not have numbers but will still be fertile.

I send fresh, fertile eggs but do not guarantee hatch rate as package handling and incubation conditions are beyond my control.

Most customers (who incubated the eggs correctly) report a hatch rate of 50-60% which is typical for shipped eggs. When I hatch these same eggs my hatch rate is 70-80%.

Why the higher price for shipped eggs?

The higher price is due to the fact that it takes me considerable time to package up the eggs carefully and I buy special shipping materials. Not to mention the time standing in line at the post office which is generally 20-30 minutes 😦 Due to my location it isn’t practical to have the postal service pick up the eggs because that would delay delivery by a day or two and the fertility of eggs is time sensitive. By dropping them off they are delivered more quickly and the tracking number functions as intended.

  • Shipping is $7 for up to 12 eggs in a small priority mail box.

I do send a couple of extras to guard against breakage. If more than the number of extras sent are broken, I am willing to replace the BROKEN eggs if you pay shipping again ONE TIME at no charge beyond shipping. I DO NOT sell old or dirty eggs that are covered in poop! I have been on the receiving end of such eggs and it is such a disappointment to realize that the eggs will never hatch 😦


2 thoughts on “Button Quail Eggs for Sale”

  1. In in Venice fla and interested in a nice number of eggs 30-40 mixed colors I love what they call painted if u have but no worries I just don’t prefer white ones 🙂 , if you still breed great let me know if we can do this thank you


    1. Chris, I still breed. Go ahead and email me through the contact page. Also let me know if you need to pickup or would need the eggs shipped. If picking up, I can sell that number now, if you want them shipped you might need to wait for a few more pairs to start laying which should occur in the next few weeks.


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Hobby breeder of the beautiful little button quail in North Central Florida

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