Button Quail Care

Button Quail are highly enjoyable little birds. They make soft sounds and are fun to watch with the little dances they do. Adult button quail have some very basic care requirements:

  • Clean water
  • Fresh food that has a high protein content: 24 to 28% protein (lower for non-breeding adults and higher for chicks).
  • A calcium supplement such as crushed oyster shell for egg laying females
  • Grit such as crushed granite, to assist in the digestion of whole birdseed
  • A cage with sufficient ground space for them to move freely and a padded top so that they do not become injured when flying straight up when startled.
  • Absorbent bedding clean bedding so that their little feet do not become encrusted with waste
  • A small dish of play sand in which to bathe.

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Hobby breeder of the beautiful little button quail in North Central Florida

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