Pairs, Trios or Groups?

Should button quail be housed in pairs, Trios or group colonies?

In the wild, button quail do live in single pairs. However, they are not quite as monogamous as some sources suggest and if kept in a group situation, both males and females may opportunistically mate with other button quail.

Read more about keeping button quail in a colony.

Warm Climate Birds

Button quail should really be housed indoors as they are from warmer regions and do not tolerate colder temperatures well. In addition, they are a walking snack for most predatory animals and the chances of them being injured or killed outdoors is quite high.

Do not think that if you live in a city that your birds would be safe.  I live in an urban area and even with a 6 foot wood fence around my yard I have had snakes eat my chicken eggs and a bobcat even kill and carry off one of my hens to eat! I saw it happen or I wouldn’t have believed that it was possible since I didn’t even know we had bobcats in my neighborhood.

With their small size, button quail would be a tempting treat for any predator. Other predators in my area (that I know about) include raccoons, hawks, black vultures (yes they will attack small animals and birds!), coyotes, feral cats and stray dogs

Housing Adult Button Quail

Housing for Button Quail Chicks

  • The incubator
  • The brooder
  • After the brooder

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