Cage Bedding

Cage Bedding for Button Quail

Button quail have no choice but to walk around in their own waste so proper bedding is essential to avoid foot problems. Without a good absorbent bedding button quail may get hardened poop on their feet which can cause major foot problems over time. If your button quail do develop this problem you can soften the poop but holding their leg or foot gently in warm water until it softens enough to be removed.

Some cage bedding choices

All cage bedding should have low dust to avoid respiratory problems.

  • Kiln dried pine shavings (if the pine smells so strongly it bothers your nose, look for another brand, if it bothers you, it will bother the birds too). I use a brand called Green Tree currently. It is reasonably low dust and does not have the overpowering pine smell that some brands do (this is horse bedding from a feed store, it is much cheaper than the bags you would find in a petstore)
  • Carefresh pet bedding. This works well but is rather expensive
  • Pelleted horse bedding, pine pellets. A bag of this can often be obtained for $5-10 but it makes the cages quite heavy so I generally stick to the shavings.
  • Organic soil, button quail are ground birds so they do like soil and that might be an option if you have an aviary.
  • Sand – the entire cage bottom should not be covered in sand but button quail do like sand baths so a dish of sand in their cage is much appreciated.

Bedding should be changed at least once a week or more often if you have a large number of quail and the bedding becomes obviously dirty.


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