Cage Ideas


  • Bird and small animal cages without wire bottoms (or that DO have removable grates)
    1. If your button quail can fit any body part through the cage sides or top, it is a good idea to reinforce the cage with a smaller wire mesh to prevent injury.

Plastic storage bins
The minimum size I use for button quail pairs is the 56 quart or larger size (about 12” deep and 18” long”). Larger sizes can work very well for growing out young button quail once they are out of a brooder.

  • Thesedorequiresomemodifications:
    1. The top of the storage bin can either not be used at all (clothes pin netting material over the top
    2. Or cut out the middle of the lid, leaving the frame, melt holes with a soldering iron (a drill might work too) and then zip tie netting or plastic mesh to the top. Wire mesh MIGHT also be ok as long as the bin is short.
    3. Cutting a few squares out of the side and replacing with mesh can allow greater visibility for the birds as well as side access so that you are not reaching down towards the birds when offering fresh food, water or bedding

Other ideas

  • Your imagination is your only limitation. When I started raising button quail 10 years ago, I bought a rigid plastic kiddie pool, melted holes evenly spaced in the lip and then zip tied plastic mesh all the way around the edges. I then fastened bridal tule over the top and cut a hole in the side which I then laced shut and secured with dog leash type clips.

  • An upturned coffee table. These can often be found on craigslist for $20-30 and gives roughly a 2 feet deep cage and 4 feet long. Small mesh wire can be stapled around 4 sides with a couple of access doors and then plastic mesh or material zip tied to the top.
  • Modifying other furniture could also work nicely to create enclosures, this completely depends on your creativity.

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