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No button quail or eggs available


5/17/16 – Due to time constraints in my life I am not currently raising or selling either live button quail or eggs.

I would suggest contacting Garrie Landry if you cannot find a local source as he has very nice  button quail and eggs .


Separating Eggs During Hatching

I have tried to come up with more ways to identify which eggs/chicks come from which button quail pairs. I do a few things to accomplish this goal.

  1. Write the number of the pair that produced an egg on the actual egg using a non-toxic sharpie marker.
  2. Placing eggs in separate containers line with shelf liner during the hatching period to keep the chicks with the numbered eggs that they hatched from.
  3. Use multiple brooders so that I can separate chicks or group different colors together that are easily identifiable as coming from specific pairs (for instance pair #3 will throw 80% slate and 20% silver red breasted). This one still creates a problem in that I only have 3 heat lamps so if hatching from more than 3-4 pairs, there is a good chance I will still have some that I can’t identify with this method later.
  4. Banding, this one I have just started experimenting with but it holds some promise since I can tag birds from different pairs. The number ofband colorsis limited but I can still use them to use a smaller number ofbrooders and make a list of what band color the chick is wearing, what color the chick is and the parent pair number. I have chosen to use elastic bird bands. They are not numbered butcan be removed withmuch greater ease if either the bird doesn’t needto be banded any longer or if the band creates a problem for the bird. Elastic bands also expand safely as the bird grows creating less potential for cutting off blood circulation in the leg.The little newly hatched chicks require an incredibly small size and I still find that some of them manage to kick the bands back off so it isn’t fool proof until they grow a little. The smaller size might also be a little too small for adults so there is the potential that it would need to be snipped off later. Still much easier do this with elastic than closed aluminum. Open aluminum could be an option but since these don’t expand, using them on newly hatched chicks would likely prove impractical since the size required would be smaller than that needed for an adult.


tiny size 2 elastic bird bands.
tiny size 2 elastic bird bands.

Colorado Button Quail Babies Hatch…

The Colorado eggs hatched 1/24/15 and 1/25/15. I ended up with 16 chicks out of 26 eggs; about a 64% hatch rate which is quite good for shipped eggs…

I did my shipped egg procedure again so that the eggs could settle:

  • Let the eggs sit overnight at room temperature
  • Placed them in the incubator in the morning inside the autoturner but DID NOT turn it on for the first 3 days.
  • 3rd day, turned it on, stopped turning between 13-14 day and  on day 16/17/18 I have babies 🙂

Lockdown or Tragedy? Temperature Spike!

So I moved the eggs into the cartons/rings for lockdown last night.  Because the cartons and rings were lower than the auto turner when placed on the floor of the incubator, I had to turn up the temperature. I woke up at midnight and the temperature had stabilized at 94 degrees which is too low so I turned the thermostat a little more and stayed awake for an extra hour to try to make sure the incubator was back at 100 degrees. Unfortunately when I came out this morning it had spiked to 102 degrees.

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