Pair # 1 button quail chicks: 10, mix of cinnamon, cinnamon blue face, blueface, and either slate or some sort of cinnamon/silver blue face combination

Chick color identification

The button quail chicks in the feature photo are mostly cinnamon with one normal/wild colored blue face and a slate chick towards the back middle…

See the adult button quail gallery here which shows how some of these colors will look on adult birds.

More chick photos are shown with color mutations for both chicks and adult pairs listed in the Chicks from Pairs 1-6 post.

Button Quail Chick Color Identification

Button quail tend to have great variability in color even from individual to individual. Still, I am trying to compile some photos below of what different colored chicks look like.  All photos are of my own button quail unless listed otherwise.

Blue Faced – Normal /Wild Colored


Cinnamon. There can be much color variations among cinnamons from light to dark. Photos include cinnamon and cinnamon bluefaced photos

Golden Pearl

Golden Pearl is a dominant lethal gene. With one dose, the bird is golden pearl. With two doses of the gene, the chicks die and never hatch out. For this reason it is best to only have one parent show the golden pearl trait.

Normal/Wild Colored

This color looks like the golden pearl chicks above except that the striping is noticeably darker and reddish brown instead of gold.

Blue Breasted or Wild Type Button Quail Chick
Blue Breasted or Wild Type Button Quail Chick

Fallow a.k.a “pink eyed dilute” – Normal/Wild Colored

The fallows are the ones that have less down and appear to have sort of a pink cast to them. If you could see their eyes, they would be bright pink at hatching and a darker ruby red at adult hood. Fallows are weaker and tend to take longer to hatch and not all will survive. With careful breeding, hopefully the mutation will continue to grow stronger over time.

Red Breasted – Normal/Wild Colored

Note the dark/black face on these chicks and yellow/gold wings.

Red Breasted – Silver


Silver is usually a light even colored bird with a shiny appearance. This can vary if other mutations are present on the chick (see above for red breasted and  below for pearl and slate).

Silver Pearl

Pearl button quail often have stripes and a brighter yellow forehead “patch”. This yellow area often stays white on adult birds.

Slate (Silver Blue Faced)

Slate can occur with either a single or double dose of blue face. Two doses make the bird a dark gray and is called a double factor Slate.

Double factor slates are shown below. The slate chick in the top feature photo (middle back) is a  single factor slate (lighter gray color).

Tuxedo (pied)

This patterning can occur in different color mutations)



One thought on “Chick color identification”

  1. Thank you so much for explaining the colors. We just hatched our first button quails. 17 out of 24. So many different colors. Now we know what they are. Great site


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