Cinnamon Tuxedo Button Quail Pair #7

Button Quail Gallery

Current Breeding Pair Gallery:

Updated: 8/1/15

Some photos of my button quail breeding pairs (left to right):

  •  #3 Single factor slate (silver blue face) pair. Female is slate pearl.
  • #5 Cinnamon golden pearl Female X Normal Tuxedo Male
  • #6 Red Breasted Female (carries silver) X Silver Red Breasted Male
  • #7 Cinnamon Tuxedo  Female X Cinnamon Tuxedo Male
  • #11 White Female X Cinnamon Male
  • #13 Golden Pearl Female X Normal Male
  • #15 Cinnamon, golden pearl, red breasted Female X Normal Male
  • #17 Cinnamon red breasted female with slate male
    (possibly slate red breasted, still working to see if red breasted can show on a slate bird…but he has an abnormal amount of pink on his underside).
  • #18 Blueface female (#1) X Silver Red Breasted Male (no photo yet)
  • #19 Slate female (#3) X Smoky male (#1)
  • #21 Silver red breasted female X Slate tuxedo male
  • #22 Slate golden pearl female X “Darth Vader” Red breasted male (extremely nice with very high levels of red!).
  • #23 Cinnamon, red breasted, golden pearl female X cinnamon, blueface tuxedo male

You can see photos of their chicks (if photos are available) here.

Retired Breeding Pair Gallery:

These pairs have either been split up (occasionally pairs stop getting along ) or have been sent to live in new homes.

  • #1 Cinnamon Blue face Female X Normal (possibly golden pearl–white forehead) male
  • #2 Red Breasted Female X Golden pearl male 
  • #4 Red Breasted Female X Cinnamon Male
  • #8 Golden Pearl Female X Cinnamon Red Breasted Male
  • #9 Normal Female X Silver Male
  • #10 White Female X Cinnamon Male
  • #12 White Female X Golden Pearl Male
  • #16 Normal Tuxedo Female X Cinnamon blueface Tuxedo Male
  • #20 Blueface female X red breasted male (unusual, has the RB gene with black face mask but very minimal red on him).

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Hobby breeder of the beautiful little button quail in North Central Florida

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