The Elusive Smoky Button Quail

Pair #1 produced some beautiful chicks. They also produced a male of a color that I have not seen in person before. I believe the color is likely “Smoky”.  Smoky is a combination of 3 mutations: blueface, cinnamon and silver.  The best way I can describe this fellow is to say he is lighter than a slate button quail with a cinnamon overtone. I do not have the “ideal” mate for him to try and get more of this color currently. So for now, he will be paired with either a single factor or double factor slate female (both  hens are offspring of pair #3 and it is unknown whether either bird carries cinnamon). The other bird in these photos is slate in color.

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A Red Breasted Slate Button Quail… Is this Possible?

In one of the Colorado button quail eggs, I got a surprise. All of my slates up to this point have been solid silver gray (males will have a few pink feathers near the vent/underside) or silver gray scalloped if slate pearl.

This male, has pink creeping up his belly, somewhat like a silver red breasted would…but blueface seems to mask colors so I’m not even sure if silver blueface red breasted is possible.

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OH BOY – Colorado Button Quail @ 5 weeks old

I split up the Colorado button babies last weekend.  This is the most skewed gender ratio I’ve ever had. I ended up with 12 males and 3 females!  The boys are in the featured photo and the girls are below.

The males ended up being mostly a mix of golden pearl, silver, slate, silver red breasted and cinnamon tuxedo.

Colorado button quail feamles
Colorado Button quail girls: normal tuxedo, cinnamon red breasted and red breasted

Heat Packs for brooding chicks or sick button quail

When winter comes, I try to stock up on some HotHands brand body warmer heat packs. Other brands will work fine too but this brand is reasonably economical and heats up quickly. They do not last very long though and you will need 2-3 per day depending on the use. Walmart often has a 3 pack size of the body warmers for about $2.

These heat packs come in especially handy for chicks or sick button quail.

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Chick Photos from Button Quail Pairs 1-6 :)

My test hatch for pairs 1-6 was a success and babies hatched out from all pairs. I am not including photos from the pair #4 babies because they were fathered by a different male than the one the female is pictured with and paired with now.

These photos should give you an idea of what colors each pair carries. Color mutations are listed as photo captions for the button quail chicks.

These button quail chicks hatched out on 2/12/15 and 2/13/15.

Pair #1: Cinnamon Blue Face Female X Normal (Golden Pearl?) Male:

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Would you like some chicks with that salsa?

I wanted to test hatch out some of the eggs from my pairs to make sure all the pairs are fertile and to see what recessive genes each pair carries.  I was trying to figure out how to isolate the eggs from each pair and found that most jars or plastic containers were too tall or too narrow to allow hatching space in the incubator.  For 2-4 eggs I ended up buying (yes buying) salsa jars that were on sale just to put my eggs in. I labeled each jar with a sharpie.

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Hobby breeder of the beautiful little button quail in North Central Florida